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Bicycle Shipping Boxes - View Available Choices Of Bicycle Shipping Boxes
View Available Choices Of Bicycle Shipping Boxes
Bicycle Shipping Boxes

Bicycle Shipping Boxes

Bicycle shipping boxes are especially designed for the safe transport of bicycles across far distances. There has been a recent sharp increase in demand for these types of boxes, as the biking and triathlon industries have experienced huge amounts of growth. Furthermore, as consumers are becoming increasingly comfortable with purchasing large durable goods such as bicycles over the internet, bike and sporting goods shops, as well as big box retailers are now needing to regularly stock these specialty shipping boxes to ship their bicycles to customers.

If you own a bike shop, or are the purchasing agent for your company looking to buy shipping cartons for sending customers their orders for bicycles, here we feature helpful information on how to select high quality bicycle shipping boxes so that your customers and their orders are well taken care of, and that you are preserving the highest level of customer satisfsction. Here you will also find the most popular sizes and styles in the industry.

If you are an individual looking to ship a bicycle as a gift, or ship your personal bicycle for use at a distant location, you will want to use a bicycle shipping box to ensure it does not become damaged while in transit.

To ensure that the bicycle which you are shipping, or transporting, arrives to its destination undamaged, you will want to ensure that you purchase bicycle shipping boxes that are able to withstand high levels of stress and abuse. One way to be certain that you are using models that are strong enough is to only purchase ones that are, at a minimum, made out of corrugated cardboard (there are others made out of hard plastic which we will cover in a later post). Meaning, the panels have a wavelike internal structure, as illustrated in the example below.

Bicycle Shipping Boxes

This will better protect the bike as the corrugation gives the carton a rigidness that allows it to resist being crushed, torn, or punctured. This will also provide cushion and shock absorption, helping to ensure for the bicycle is protected from high impact incidences.

You will also want to ensure that bicycle shipping boxes you are using has a higher than average strength rating. While standard strength boxes have a 200 pound test strength rating, you will want to use boxes with at least a 275 pound test strength rating when shipping bicycles. This means that the box will be able to withstand 275 pounds of pressure per square inch along the side panels, and provides about 30% greater burst resistance along the panels. The recommended shipping weights for these models is 65 to 95 pounds. We find these specifications adequate for most bike shipping jobs.

There are a number of different styles of bicycle shipping boxes. Perhaps the most popular size would be the 54 x 8 x 28 inches, as it is able to fit the majority of bikes. For most bicycle shipping applications we recommend that you purchase models that are side loading, such as the one shown below.

Bicycle Shipping Boxes

Side loading bicycle shipping boxes are reinforced at the height edge with adhesive and heavy duty staples, and are designed for insertion across the narrowest side, the 8 inch panel in this example. This configuration allows for the greatest carrying strength and tear resistance, as there is less open surface area to seal.

If you are interested in purchasing this particular size and style, you can usually get boxes like this for about $6.00 to $7.00 per unit.

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